53 thoughts on “01 | Intro to ONE HOUR!

  1. Noof Ahmed says:

    Congrats on your first podcast Hassan !!!!! It’s great !! Please keep them coming !!!!!! All the best xx most of us know this but don’t believe it !! Most ppl prefer to listen to someone saying it rather than listening to their own self/soul..

  2. Haifa says:

    I absolutely love your one hour talk!!
    Do more of it Hassan, please!
    I shared it with friends.. I’m sure it’ll help a lot ..
    Merci beaucoup ❤️

  3. ZainabAlaradii says:

    Omg ! That’s what I really needed! someone to reminde me of all the beautiful things in life !! Thank u .. keep it up and all the best !!!!

  4. Nmj says:

    Amazed literally you had all you’re ideas well presented for the listeners and I really enjoy you’re 1st boardcast keep going man

  5. Mona says:

    Love your mentality. The same thing happened to me as well when i was 14. Im 18 now, and surprisingly we share almost the same way of thinking, or at least I try! I believe “What you think you become.”
    Cheers from SA ❤️

  6. Badgalxx says:

    Hey Hassan,
    I just want to tell you that you are amazing and your way of thinking is definitely soooooo inspiring. I would love to read a book where I can found all your advise about love, life, joy… Keep up the good job and spreading positive vibes with your lovely family and Yalda !!
    Much love from France xx

  7. Hamad alhamad says:

    One of the best motivational podcast ever..
    I like your spirit and positivity
    Really people need to stop stressing them self by overthinking
    Keep up the great job

  8. Fatima says:

    The talk was amazing, I especially liked how you talked about the different types of marriages because I believe that the majority of people who marry through an arranged marriage think that their marriage will fail and I feel like they both work towards the failure of the marriage.

    After hearing this talk I will now try to look at my life through a different perspective.

    Thank you Hassan.

  9. fatima says:

    Thank u Hassan soo much.. there was some point i teared.. u r absolutely amazing .. plz keep it up.. somettime its good to hear this kind of things from time to time.. its like a small reminder .. thats we r normal.. and always think positive to things..

    Once again thank u soooo much.. ♡
    I enjoyed it till the end

  10. صبا says:

    Honestly i am going through a lot at this point in my life and losing all the positivity and confidence i need to go forward and push the problems away and i don’t really talk to anyone and loneliness is adding to everything …lol , but with listening to your podcast i feel way better and i keep replaying it and i feel happier and more hopeful, i feel like a good friend is giving me a good advice and help . i Appreciate what you do , you helped me and i will be looking forward for more podcasts from you Mr.Hassan 🙂 thank you so much

  11. Ahad says:

    I am an eighteen years old girl I have been through a lot but I am always fighting to make the right decision for a happy life despite all the struggles.

    Thank you for your supporting words

    Pain always pays off , best wishes man

  12. Maria says:

    Inspirational, motivating and really uplifting. You worked hard to reach this mindset and I salute you for taking the time to help and teach others ! You deserve all the best Hassan

  13. ru2a says:

    thank you Hasan for your rich and valuable podcast, I hope your wonderful message reached all ppl who are seeking acceptance and love. bless you and lovely family.

  14. Ela Mamo says:

    I have shared this podcast with every person I could share it with, I truly enjoyed every minuet of it & looking forward for the next podcast on Friday!
    I am a person believes in gratitude & the power of attraction ❤️

  15. Zahraa says:

    Here is one of the two 😛 ! Thought it would be impossible to hear it tell the end but actually I enjoyed every second 😀 #keep_going

  16. Rana says:

    Dear Hassan,

    I am so happy to know that people like you exist in our world and particularly in the Middle East!

    Thank you so much for posting this! Your positive energy is purely radiating through every word you have said in your podcast. I listened to this with my husband and I was amazed by how we were able to relate to all the scenarios you’ve mentioned when you talked about your relationship and how your marriage is not as perfect as it shows.. It feels as if we all share common grounds when it comes to having relationships but it is those small things such as the topic of tensions and argument matters that scopes the differences.. I genuinely don’t believe that there is such thing as a perfect relationship or a perfect marriage that comes as it is. We all have differences as human beings, and having to blend your beliefs in someone else’s way of thinking is utterly not the answer or the solution.. I totally agree with you in almost all the things you said In my opinion it is all about good communication! And a person’s problems will only be solved if they change the way the think about it from taking it as a obstacle to making it as a step toward being better.

    I salute you my friend and I thank you for what your doing because it is so amazingly enlightening! Cheers all the way from the UK =)

  17. ala shamsan says:

    hi mr. hassan
    cn u podcaste abt mm whn u get cold in relationship speacilly if ur nt married yet hw do u deal with it and all

  18. Shahad says:

    Looooved it
    You just made my day <3
    You really should write a book it would be amazing. we really appreciate what you are doing and we want morrrreee please.

    God bless your beautiful soul ❤️

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