46 thoughts on “02 | Breakups & Satisfaction

  1. Reem says:

    I love what u said, we all know these stuff but we don’t pay enough attention to it, putting it all together and giving us ideas about the results, makes me think if I actually did this if could my relationship much better
    Thank u

  2. Zee says:

    What you said was completely amazing. If all men thought the same way as you did it’ll be heaven on earth. I solute you. Yalda is really lucky. Hope i’d be lucky some day. Thank you from the core of my heart, Im struggling with a 6 year relationship breakup and your words helped.

    Thank you 🙂

  3. Rawan says:

    اشكرك جداً جداً كنت احتاج هذي النصائح وكنت اتمنى يكون بالعربي فيه بعض الجمل مافهمتها لكن عموماً عمل جميل واتمنى كل العالم يسمع

  4. Jay says:

    Bless.. You’re such an amazing man and honestly, I think Yalda is a very lucky lady to be blessed with such an understanding and wise man. Your words just enter the heart without even you having to try. I wish we had just a few more men that thought the same way, gosh, this world would’ve been much much easier for everyone!
    Thank you so much Hassan, all the best x

  5. Fatma says:

    What an inspiration. You gave me so much to think about and I agree, it’s all about the small things that make the most difference. I would love to try out some of these tips. I loved this podcast. Just what I needed to know and it came at the right time 🙂 Keep them commimg please!

  6. Lena says:

    Thank you for these podcasts! You are international now :)) I’m Iranian girl who live in the U.S. and I really like your tips about relationship. It would be great if you talk about long distance relationship in next episodes.

  7. Uns says:

    Thank you for your first and second talk. I love your personal touch to each statement you say. With all the self help book and lectures, you did it with ease and confidence. Thank you for loving your followers and doing this. God bless you for all your efforts , I appreciate it.
    Time for an audible book…

  8. Ghada says:

    that is absolutely .you are amazing keep going walla you’ve tackled a problem you’ve said things no one have said before reallly it’s amazing

  9. Dalal says:

    Thanks Hassan, it was very informative and helpful. It will be great if you can talk more in the next prod casts if both partners were very busy and stressed. U mentioned a small part in when a woman come back from work so u have to take care of her but I think u can add more to it. In this time when the role of a man and a woman is so mixed up. The traditional way that we (specially Arabs ) were raised that the man is out there having all the outside challenges and the woman is at home waiting for him or even whatever activities she is doing is not as challenging is decreasing day after day. I think a lot of couples are having these dilemmas between how we have been raised and what the new life style require us to do. Now we see both husband and wife are so stressed at work plus the wife with children matters as well. It will be great if u can give tips of how to deal with stressed husband and a stressed wife. Thanks

  10. Bayan says:

    Hi hassan.. Nice ideas much appreciated.. But it did not talk a lot about how to deal with break ups as much as u talked about how you can keep ur partner happy.. I just went through separation and wanted to know how I can sing I’m a single lady I’m a single lady (hahhaha)

  11. Mays says:

    This is the first Podcast I listen to you and I have enjoyed this so much. Mashalla loved every word of it; it didnt even feel like a one hour podcast. Looking forward the upcoming ones!
    Thank you. We need this in our Arab societies and communities.

  12. fatima says:

    i just listened to the two episodes together and it was amazing two hours that made my day
    thank you hassan really looking forward the next one : )

  13. Jana says:

    شكراً حسن على هالنصايح. لو كل رجل في العالم فكر مثل تفكيرك جان العالم بخير، اذا تسمح لي بهذي الاضافه، واهي بسيطه مثل ما تفضلت وقلت عن نصايحك ولها اثر حيل كبير على المدى البعيد، وهي ان المرأه تحتاج رجل يهتم فيها من كل النواحي، الاهتمام يخليها تحس انها ملكه بعين نفسها وبعين زوجها وتحب نفسها اكثر وتعطي زوجها العمر كله بدون مقابل، هذا ابسط سر اقدر افيد فيه اي رجل ما يعرف شلون يرضي المرأه. والله يهني يلدا فيك

  14. Anfal says:

    Thank you hassan . I cant express enough on how i feel the change in my life to the better nowadays and full of energy after your podcasts. You’re truely inspiring and I wish you and yalda happiness .
    I wish if you would talk more about newly married couples .. any tips ? I’m getting married nxt month inshallah and its just too scarey even though I love and know my partner really well

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